Construction system


Scotframe provides a structure with a ‘Fabric First’ approach to construction. In simple terms this means homes designed with long term efficiency measures built in from the start. The system uses the highest quality sustainable timber combined cutting edge manufacturing processes.

Energy efficient

Fabric First prioritises the insulation and airtightness of the building, using insulation and high performance doors and windows to create airtight structures that prevent drafts and retain heat. This reduces the need for costly ‘add-ons’ such as renewable energy or heating systems as the building does all the hard the work for you.

The key to this approach lies in the unique Val-U-Therm PLUS® wall, roof and floor panels - designed to last for the life of the building. The Val-U-Therm PLUS® system offers warm, draught-proof homes with a high comfort factor.

Modern construction methods

Using the Scotframe construction system our homes benefit from:

  • Improved thermal and acoustic performance
  • Improved buildability
  • Improved environmental credentials
  • Better detailing
  • Reduced shrinkage and cracking
Environmentally sustainable

As well as being highly energy efficient all timber used is sourced from renewable resources. The insulating foam is bio carbon based containing products from UK grown Crops. Ultimately at the end of a long life the building materials can be recycled or clean incinerated for energy.

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